The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others


About Our Charity

Spreading the Happiness is a registered charity set up to support families living below the poverty line, through the provision of hampers.

The problem

The holidays are often the most expensive time for a family, leaving cash tight to feed their children.

Our mission

Our aim is to Spread Happiness with Happiness Hampers, to help families get through this difficult time.

How we do it

The hampers are distributed termly and contain food and toiletries for upto a family of four.

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Currently there are 30% of children living in relative poverty in the UK

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Meet the founder behind Spreading the Happiness

Shonettte Bason-Wood

Happiness Speaker

Shonette Bason Wood thinks and acts differently. You'll notice that from the way she presents herself and you'll certainly feel it in her energy when you engage with her. She is a refreshing, reviving and realistic professional speaker both on and off the stage.

Shonette started her working life as a primary school teacher and moved into Educational Speaking and Consultancy Work. She has set up her own highly successful business in a very competitive market. Shonette has inspired many of tomorrow's leaders to make effective changes. Having now made the transition from the classroom to the boardroom she is currently busy bringing her incredible thought processes and business building experiences directly into the conference arena and the corporate world.

Child poverty: the facts

Children in workless household have a 59% chance of living in relative poverty

Children have a 53% risk of relative poverty in a family where at least one adult works part-time

Families with 3 or more children have a 31% chance of relative poverty

Teenage mothers are 22% more likely to be living in poverty than mothers giving birth aged 24 and over

Children with one or more disabled adults have a 30% chance of being in relative poverty

Children born to teenage mothers have a 63% higher risk of living in poverty

Featured Event

Peaky Blinders themed charity ball

Saturday 13th April 2019

Wynyard Hall

On April Saturday April 13th 2019 we will host our first charity ball at Wynyard Hall, it is poised to be a huge hit! The night is modelling after the hit show Peaky Blinders and we invite you to join us for an evening of 1920s flamboyance and excitement. The night will include a lovely three course meal, band, comedy, dancing and of course some surprises.

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Spreading a little happiness

The Foundation recently donated £5,000 to fabulous charity Spreading The Happiness as they strive to keep schoolchildren and struggling families fed over the summer holidays.

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Meet Shonette Bason-Wood of Spread the Happiness

No one is even close to comparing to Shonette Bason Wood. This outspoken, self-expressed, fabulous teacher who loves playing, laughing and anything that raises an eyebrow.

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